Rodyonov: Gambling zone “Primorye” – center of tourism development

Rodyonov: Gambling zone “Primorye” – center of tourism development

The CEO of the Investment Agency of Primorye, Anton Rodyonov said: that the gambling zone “Primorye” became the center of tourism development, because all the potential investors look closely on this territory.

Anton Rodyonov, the CEO of the Investment Agency, called “Primorye” gambling zone – center for tourism development, such conclusions were made after the meetings with foreign investors.

Potential investors are considering the sites for the implementation of their projects, concentrating on the placement of the “Primorye” gambling zone. The closer the territory of the project under construction to the gambling zone – higher the possibility to maximize the return, from the investors’ perspective,

– noted Rodyonov.

According to the CEO of the agency, nowadays, the gambling zone “Prymore” gain traction among foreign investors, due to the increased flow of tourists from the Asia-Pacific region.

It worth to note, that earlier Sergey Kondrashov, elected official of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorye territory, expressed an opinion that the involvement of investors and the active development of the gambling zone “Primorye” will reduce the budget deficit.